Broomhill Residents Build Their Own Homes

Over the weekend (16th/17th) Broomhill got its fair share of snow. So much in fact, that residents Chris and his daughter were able to build an igloo!


Chris and his family are tenants of River Clyde homes and are being moved out of the area as their flat in Broomhill is being demolished. They hope to move back to the Broomy and love the area so much that they even built their own temporary winter home…

The end product looked amazing, and was big enough to squeeze a small person inside. They even sculpted the roof to echo the shape of the bell-towers on Drumfrochar Road.


They also made a snowman, which made us laugh with its wry grin.


No fear about the sculpting skills of Broomhill residents. Roll on the summer to get some stone carving and metal work going!

Elsewhere in Broomhill, the snow settled on the stones and buildings, drawing our eyes to other sculptural elements such as the old war memorial which was built by the residents themselves.

It just goes to show that wherever you look, people are turning their hand to making beautiful things for themselves and their community. We’re hoping that with the help of our visiting artists Ginny and Tom, the residents can share in a new skill-set and continue the creative legacy of Broomhill residents.



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